Our guest blogger, Nathalie reviews a Yaletown hot spot – the Flying Pig!

Recently, I got a photo gig trying to snap women in stylish outfits on the street. My friend Michelle got a job at Campbell River to be an instructor. It was her last day in Vancouver, and we had planned to go to Cache Bistro in Yaletown. As I was eying women in patterns and prints, Michelle saw the Flying Pig and wanted to go there instead.

We started our meal with good old aqua and they served us bread, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I personally don’t like having too much butter filling me up before my meal so I thought this was a good, light choice to keep you satiated until the first round comes.

To be honest, it took a long while for our food to come and it all came at once. But the vibe and atmosphere is fantastic, the interior design being more of a vintage cafe makes you comfortable. Michelle and I talked about our future, men stories and art ideas.

We got the mushrooms with pesto and parmesan. This was my absolute favorite because I love mushrooms, and the pesto and sauce was a little burst of flavour as the juice came out as you chewed it.

We had the maple spaghetti squash. It was light and palate cleansing, but just the right amount of sweet to get us ready for our main meals.

I had the sablefish and gnochi and Michelle had the barbeque salmon. I loved hers, because her salmon wasn’t too smoky and it had a tinge of sweet in the sauce. I appreciated the salad because it made very well and not just a forgotten side companion to the salmon.

The sablefish was very light, but what I liked the most about the dish is the harmony between the sauce the vegetables and gnocchi. Honestly, the sablefish was a little bland to me but the rest of the dish was delicious that I would poke at my gnocchi, trying to pick that escapist piece so I could swirl it around in the sauce.

Overall though, this place is so delicious! I would give it a 5/5. Even though the service was slow, the waiters were really friendly and you could tell it was just busy and not disorganization on their part. Fantastic!

You can check out their website with menu here.
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