Another day, another Beefy Beef? Yep. I can’t recall why we were in the neighbourhood but we decided Beefy was our dinner option. On a weekday, they’re fairly empty which is good for us.

Brian ordered the famous crispy, salty, peppery chicken but with fried rice (a new item on their menu). I think that this is a great deal at $8.95.

The fried rice is kind of greasy but has the same taste as beef soy rice noodles. I think it’s because of the green onions and smoky flavour.

I ordered the Crispy, Salty, Peppery Chicken with Curry sauce because I was in the mood for something spicy. I find their curry sauce to be quite spicy but this time around it was fairly mild. It seems like the portion was a bit smaller too and I only had two little potatoes mixed in.

For drinks, we ordered Honey Green Tea and Lychee Green Tea. They must’ve heard wrong because I got a Lemon Green Tea instead. I didn’t say anything because the Lemon Green Tea was pretty good. Brian was also sick, so it was perfect for him to have.





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