It seems like there is a Chronic Tacos popping up everywhere and it’s a very good thing. Gary and I came here for a quick lunch before he had to head off to North Van.

I was surprised at how big the Gastown location was and how it was set up as a restaurant. This is my first time at a Chronic Tacos and I thought their set up would be more similar to La Taqueria. When we arrived the managers welcomed us to sit anywhere we’d like. The decor is minimal, with black and red walls. They have graffiti art that looked really cool on the inner part of the restaurant.

Our server brought us complimentary chips and salsa – which we barely touched since we were catching up. But I managed to have a couple bites and I thought the salsa was really good – a bit watery but very fresh tasting. Our menus were also on our table- which we hadn’t noticed until she pulled them out for us.

Gary ordered the Carne Asada (Steak) burrito ($8.49). He enjoyed it and shockingly did not finish it! Gary is like a bottomless pit, so for him not to be able to finish it must say something about the portion size here.

I ordered the Battered Fish burrito ($8.49). My eyes nearly popped out when it arrived – it was huge. It stood at about 2.5″ tall and was packed with beans, my battered fish, cheese, rice and so much more. On the top was fresh salsa which helped clean the heavy flavour of the burrito. I added a little bit of Cholula (which, by the way is one of my favourite hot sauces) and it was HEAVEN! You definitely will be full for the entire day after having one of these bad boys!

I would definitely recommend trying out Chronic Tacos – don’t be afraid of the name! I can only see my love of their burritos to become very chronic!






Check out their website and menu here.
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