Located right across the Old Spaghetti Factory and the future site of Pixar, Coffeebar is a..well, coffee bar that serves up americanos, cappuccinos and so on made with 49th parallel beans.

The set up is very reminiscent of Manhattan styled cafes and ‘to go’ style places – meaning they have a self serve area of cold drinks, sandwiches, juices. They also have an array of gluten-free treats and other delicious things.

I came a little early before a meeting and decided to pop in and give it a try. I ordered a cappucino and a bacon cheddar scone. The cappuccino ($3.10) is served in an 8oz cup and boy does it give you a buzz! The espresso was roasted perfectly without tasting too bitter and the milk was foamy and creamy.

The bacon cheddar scone ($3.65) is a fairly decent size, priced about the same as any coffee shop here in Gastown. The scone had a good buttery flavour with the saltiness of the bacon (which wasn’t crispy but soft!) and some onion and green onion.

It’s a little loud so it’s a good place to have a conversation or a meeting but definitely not a place you want to study or do some quiet work. Whenever I pass by here it’s also pretty busy, even when I arrived before 6pm it was packed.






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