Although not the healthiest of choices, how can you go wrong with $1.50 footlong hot dogs that comes with a drink? On my most recent visit to Burlington, we stopped at the Costco for lunch. This was – thankfully- after we had to try on our bridesmaids dresses at the local David’s Bridal.

The hot dog was bigger than it is in Vancouver Costcos (go figure, right?) and comes with a pop for $1.50.

I threw in a Churro because I love em and I used to have them a lot when my family used to frequent the US on weekends. The churro was more than a foot long and was more like two churros twisted into one (for only $1!). I found this churro to be more bready than crispy and with less sugar/cinnamon on top. But that’s okay, I was still a happy camper.

You don’t need a Costco membership to eat there, just simply walk in. Be warned it is Cash Only! Another great deal is their 18″ pizzas for $9!!