Hey everyone,

First off, I want to thank you for your support – this past year has been fantastic! I’ve met a lot of you – especially during Bake for the Quake and I hope I get to know you a lot better this year. I have been very lucky to have met a lot of other great food bloggers and learn to be a better blogger because of them.

Over the past couple months, I’ve been thinking about several projects I’d like to do with gastrofork and one of them is coming to life as we speak! At first I thought it would be better if I left it until it’s completion but I don’t see why I can’t share the good news with you now.

My dad and I have been working on putting together a Filipino Cook Book – he loves being on camera for the CookShow but I thought it’d be even better to compile all his great recipes into one book! The Cook Book is going to be sold on Amazon and half of the proceeds will be going to the Diabetes Association in the Philippines.

My family and an alarming amount of Filipinos suffer from Diabetes. There are a lot of people who cannot get the kind of care we are fortunate to be able to get here – medication, diet management, insulin, costly operations, etc. I’d like to see this Cook Book’s funds go to the right place, so I’m currently in talks with people in Manila.

Besides the great cause, these are amazing recipes passed down from the De Los Santos family and stuff that I’ve been enjoying all my life. Now, you get to enjoy them too!

I’ll definitely keep you posted on it’s progress but I’m aiming for some time in April for it’s release!

Thanks again and eat well!!

Dee aka Gastrofork

(Me and Gastro Papa enjoying our dinner at Joe Fortes last year!)