The great thing about working from home has got to be the ability to have lunch with my parents on a whim. My dad is particularly fond of Milestones and he has never been to the Crossroads (Broadway and Cambie) location.

It’s located on the second floor, with Whole Foods and RBC located below. The space is large with high ceilings and an envious view of downtown Vancouver from their heated patio (which isn’t open just yet).

Our waitress was extremely friendly – I want to know what kind of coffee she drinks to be that enthusiastic at 11 in the morning!

Our appetizer was the Crispy Asian Chicken Bites ($9.99). It was basically bits of chicken (presumably chicken breast) breaded and tossed in a sweet and spicy plum sauce. The portion was pretty decent for three of us and it was still quite crispy.

My dad ordered the Grilled Shrimp California Benedict ($13.99), two stacks of grilled shrimp, double smoked bacon and house-made avocado served with some hash and a side of fruit. Perfect portion for a brunch dish.

The Prime Rib Hash ($13.99) is the best, with two poached eggs sitting on top and tomato and corn salsa douses the thin slices of buttery prime rib. Served with buttered toast and a side of fruit as well.

No longer called the ‘Lunch Trio’ – you can add a soup and salad to any sandwich for $3.99. The Smoked Turkey Ciabatta Club ($12.99 w/out the soup and salad) served with double smoked bacon, avocado salsa on cranberry ciabatta was a (slightly) healthier but tasty alternative. I have to say that Milestones always has the best caesar salad (ie, creamy and full of roasted garlic). While I usually love the mushroom soup here at Milestones today it didn’t wow me. The texture gave great heaviness to the soup to make up for the lack of cream however the flavour fell kind of flat and I think that maybe if there was more cream or more of a ‘mushroom’ taste, it would’ve been better.

Grilled Chicken Salad ($14.99)- thin slices of grilled chicken breasts, strips of tortilla chips and cilantro in a honey-lime and peanut dressing. For what it’s worth this is a great salad that fills you up no problem. I like that they didn’t drown the salad in dressing and that it was light.

The Prime Rib Beef Dip ($13.99) served on ciabatta was served with crispy onion strings. The dip: roasted garlic au jus was slightly sweet and a lighter colour and flavour than most beef dips.






Check out the lunch/brunch menu here.
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