Ah frozen yogurt. So many places do this in so many different ways but Pinkberry has been crowned the Princess of all things froyo. Today I made my way up to North Van with Miss Kathy Ko to try it out.

Being my first time – our server explained the different flavours, the fact you can mix certain flavours and how you can choose 3-4 toppings on a small. The two featured flavours at this particular Pinkberry is Blood Orange and Peppermint. The blood orange is actually quite delicious (I got to try a sample) but I felt like I could probably have it on it’s own!

I ordered a mix of the Chocolate and Peppermint. My toppings were strawberries, cap’n crunch, coconut shavings and crushed waffle cone. I think the beauty behind enjoying this delicious creation is to stir all of it together – I know there are some people who are purists, but I feel like this is the best way to get all the flavours. I definitely loved the coconut shaving and the strawberries were sweet. The Cap’n Crunch cereal gave it a great crunch but I was a little disappointed with the crushed waffle cones.

This is Kathy’s: She got a mix of the Blood Orange and Original with gummies, cookies and cream, crushed health bar and brownie bits. Looked amazing.

Great flavours to choose from and had a very fresh taste to them.

Our server was so helpful!




Check out their website here.
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