Strange how I ended up going to Joey’s twice in a week – the first time for a friend’s birthday and the second for lunch. I always find places like Joey’s – the trendy chain restaurants- are great for big groups that have different tastes in food. Everyone gets what they want and leaves decently happy.

My encounter at the Joey’s on Broadway for my friend’s birthday was short. Not only was it St. Patrick’s day, the Canucks and the Whitecaps were playing, so you can only imagine how ridiculously packed it was. When we arrived, his 12 friends had three bar tables pushed together to accommodate the group. Our server seemed a little flustered with our big group, but eventually we managed to get a menu and order.

I ordered the Baja Fish Tacos ($12.99) that came recommended. They’re three smaller sized tacos (kind of like the ones you can get from La Taqueria) with two corn tortillas, battered fish and shrimp, lettuce, tomato and cilantro. These were great, the fish was crunchy but soft in the inside. It comes with a side of Cholula sauce which gives it a great kick.

My second experience was at the Joey’s in Burnaby – on Lougheed Highway and Rosser. It was lunch time and the staff was very friendly and accommodating (as my friend had an hour only for lunch).

I ordered the Sushi Cone ($3.49) to start, as I also heard this was good. It was surprising to see it in a sesame-rice paper wrapper but very visually appealing. Inside was prawn tempura, avocado and cucumber. There was also spicy mayo, but there was not enough for it to have a definitive taste. I was also given some soy sauce to go with the sushi cone but it didn’t hold up when I doused the cone with the sauce. Oh well.

For the main meal, I had the Ahi Tuna Club ($14.99), the tuna is grilled rare and served with bacon, red pepper relish, arugula and panko onion rings. The portion is a good size, And you get a great texture from the crunch of the onion rings to the softness of the Ahi Tuna. However, I felt like the sandwich needed more of a kick as it tasted quite bland. I was thinking if they had some sort of wasabi mayo or something that gives it a bit more bite, it would be a fantastic sandwich.

My lunch partner, Liane ordered the Steak & Sushi ($22.49). The steak is almost looks like it’s done teppanyaki style. It’s a sirloin steak cooked medium rare, but it was nothing really to write home about. The rainbow roll sushi fared a little better, with spicy cooked salmon inside and a variety of sliced fish and avocado on top, it wasn’t so bad. The spicy mayo made with sriracha complimented the dish and gave it that kick (maybe this is what they should’ve put on my Ahi Tuna club?).
Liane didn’t think the steak and the sushi was worth $23, and neither do I.

Other than that, the service was good and the atmosphere it fantastic, very clean and chic with a lot of earth and nature tones.






Check out their menu here.

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