While Commercial Drive is in no short supply of cafes, I’m all for more independant coffee shops. Renzo’s design is simple and effortless, clean and (asides from the Mac) feels like you’ve been transported to another time.

The space is long and spacious for a cafe. There is a bar area near the window for people watching (which, if you’ve ever been to Commercial Drive is by far the most entertaining place to people watch) and two other tables near the window as well.

We were greeted promptly by the woman behind the counter. I ordered a Cappuccino (I notice I use the cappuccino as a gauge of good coffee at shops..). The place is cash only – so be warned! The self-serve area for milk and sugar is open and welcoming and they have a pitcher of cucumber and basil water (yum) for anyone who gets thirsty.

My cappuccino ($4) was made perfectly. I didn’t watch whether she tamped and prepped the espresso or if it was an automatic bar, but nonetheless the espresso was sweet and perfect in roast. The 8oz cappuccino had great foam on the top and just enough steamed milk.

I believe it was the owner of the place came over and gave us Pizzelles, which are Italian waffle-like treats. This particular pizzelle was made with anise (it tasted a bit like liquorice).

Great little spot to catch up with friends or people watch!





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