Overdue for a BCIT buddy reunion, Liane, Adrian and I made our way to Yaletown for brunch. We were debating whether we wanted to have dim sum but I really wanted to have brunch! The weather is getting better which means more brunches and patio lunches – so I was eager to do brunch.

When we arrived, the place was busy. However the gentleman manning the front offered the bar to us, which we didn’t mind at all. Besides, it was either that or a 40 minute wait.

The bar is a busy area, especially on the weekends but the guys behind the bar are super friendly and chatted us up. They even teased us that we had not yet touched our mimosas.

We ordered drinks first, then our food. Our drinks (Mimosas $5), obviously came promptly since we were sitting right in front of the bar. We literally watched him pour about 90% champagne and 10% orange juice into our glasses. Sweet.

Afterwards, someone came over and plunked down some sweet bread – I wouldn’t say it’s a cinnamon bun but it sure looked like one. It was a little crispy, but a sweet treat as we waited for our brunch.

Not too long afterwards, our brunch arrived. I ordered the Smoked Salmon Benedict ($12) made with house smoked salmon, dill cream cheese and hollandaise sauce. I loved the hollandaise sauce which was rich and buttery. The two eggs sat perfectly poached atop the generous portion of smoked salmon and dill cream cheese. The side was salad which even though a basic salad, had great flavour because it was tossed perfectly. My only concern was the bread that my fine benedict was sitting on. It was so tough and hard, I could barely cut through it with my knife! I think its because the bread was sour dough, it was fairly hard. Asides from that, this was a good dish. It doesn’t look like much but I was pretty full after eating this.

Liane ordered Chef Erik’s Croque Madame ($12) with 3 cheeses, ham, eggs over easy sitting atop of sour dough. I had a little and it was really good – a great hearty choice. The sour dough cuts the grease and cheese fuses with the ham. Yum!

Adrian ordered the Wild Mushroom, Asparagus, Chevre Frittata ($12). I believe there was also some tomato and green onion in this dish. It was a very cute looking personal sized frittata which was also very filling. It’s served with an organic side salad as well. Adrian also ordered hash browns ($4) and fried back bacon ($4- not pictured).

The Hash Browns are prepared “Lyonnaise style” which means it’s pan fried and served with sliced onions and sauteed in butter. Delicious.

Overall, I was impressed with their service and food. I’ve heard so many reviews of this place – both hits and misses, so I was a little apprehensive of what my experience was going to be like. But we certainly enjoyed ourselves, the atmosphere is very laid back and unpretentious. I like how they pride themselves in being a great Canadian eatery, so points for that!! Will definitely be back soon for dinner!






You can check out their brunch (and other) menus here.

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