Brian was enthusiastic to take me to Uprising Breads – a bakery just off Commercial Drive on Venables – as he said he drives past there every day on his commute.

We were gawking at the delicious treats on the website and made a mental list of what we were going to try. However, we were busy during the middle of the day and didn’t get to stop by until almost 5pm and most of our drool worthy items were gone.

Brian and I picked up the Apple Druzzle Croissant, Chocolate cupcake and Jalapeno corn bread.

The Apple Druzzle (yes, spelled that way) croissant had the light fluffy, buttery taste of a croissant in the bread but with the icing and filling inside felt like a strudel. Brian enjoyed this treat.

I had the Chocolate cupcake which was topped with smarties and sprinkles. The cupcake was very chocolatey but not too sweet. It was moist and wasn’t too dense. The icing and toppings were perfect, it reminded me of home made cupcakes that had a perfect icing to cupcake ratio.

The Jalapeno Cornbread smelled lovely and was not at all spicy as I thought it might be. The cornbread was buttery, dense and had a lot of whole corns in it. This small little loaf was about $6 but I can guarantee you one slice is filling enough.

I hope that Brian and I can come back and visit earlier in the day to try out the brownie, cheesecake, Jamaican patties and a lot of other goodies on our list!







Check out their website here.

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