Are you looking for a quick and cheap dinner idea that isn’t as generic as spaghetti? Look no further. On my way home from work, I picked up three of the ingredients shown here – the curry paste ($1.60), the chicken (approx $4.50) and the green pepper ($0.90). I always keep onions stocked and I had some left over coconut milk from my last round of biko making.

I followed the directions on the package for the curry paste which basically was to stir fry the paste with some oil (it recommended peanut or sesame but I was in a bit of a hurry so I wanted to cook on high heat – I used canola).

After it melts a little bit, you add the coconut milk and the raw pieces of chicken. You can also cook the chicken beforehand if you want – but I wanted the chicken to suck in the flavour of the curry.

My curry turned out pretty good, a little spicy and a little runny (which seems normal for Thai cuisine). I should’ve just put half an onion though as you can see in the picture, there was just too many.

You can serve it with hot rice, or save some of the coconut milk and substitute the water in your rice cooker. This dish only costed me $7!