Once in a while, I try to make food at home. I still think I’m a bit of a cook in training, but with everything – practice makes perfect. I make a mean bifsteak and adobo now!

Today I wanted to try something I had on my ‘to cook’ list, Bacon Wrapped Asparagus. I have a confession – I’m not a big fan of either bacon or asparagus (travesty, I know) but I was thinking of ways to get my husband who hates vegetables to eat a little more healthier. Why not wrap it up in bacon?

I bought a bunch of asparagus and some bacon from our local supermarket and it cost me less than $7. I was a little ambitious and wanted to wrap two slices of bacon around the asparagus so you can use a little less bacon if you’d like. I adapted the recipe from Poormet.

I soaked the asparagus in water (try to get it fully submersed or switch it up halfway). I then drained the water and trimmed the asparagus. Sprinkle salt, pepper and olive oil on the top of the asparagus so they’re coated.

On a baking pan, take about 4-6 stalks and wrap bacon (raw) around them. I wrapped two pieces.

You’re supposed to cook them for about 15 minutes and turn half way, but since I used two slices, it took longer to cook. I think it took about double the time.

They were delicious as the tops of the asparagus was crispy and the asparagus really absorbed the taste of the bacon.