On a spontaneous whim, I ended up here a couple nights ago. I was out with a friend and said I was craving a burger – he immediately said we’d be going to Burger Heaven. Okay!

Burger Heaven is located in New West, it’s fairly close to the skytrain station but it’s probably best if you drive here. There is parking in the front that’s pay but free after a certain time. The inside of the place reminds me a bit of hooters (with the wooden panels and close quarters) and is fairly small.

My friend ordered the Breakfast Burger which has mozzarella, fried egg and bacon ($13.54). It was massive.

I ordered the “Works” ($14.64) that came with cheddar, mozzarella, bacon, mushrooms and dill pickles. When it came, I had to gawk at it first (then, continued to take my pictures!). They aren’t playing around here with two big slices of bacon and a massive patty that’s chargrilled to perfection. I don’t know how this burger was going to be put together since either bun was stacked with either vegetables or protein but I made do.

When I put them together, it was standing at a good 5-6 inches. I took my first bite and it was juicy! I wish I had waited a little longer because once I took a bite all the juices from the burger spilled onto my plate, creating a bit of a grease pool and burning one of my fingers in the process.

Asides from that, the patty was thick, juicy and flavourful for just a burger patty. There was so much cheese in this burger that most of it melted off and onto my fries (with the drippings from the burger and the cheese, they could’ve morphed into a poutine at this rate).

Surprisingly, I didn’t find this burger as salty as I thought it would be with the cheese and bacon on top. At about half way through my burger, I had to put it down and eat it with a fork and knife because the buns were soaked in the grease and could no longer hold it together.

The potato wedges that come with (or if you must, you can get a salad) are amazing. I love wedges and the seasoning and crispiness here is great. These aren’t soft, soggy fries – they’re very crispy yet still soft and starchy in the middle. Great with the ketchup.

If you’re a burger fan, I think this has got to go on your bucket list, it is definitely worth the trip out to New West. Although, sitting here and writing as I look at the picture is giving me a lil heart attack, it was worth the indulgence! They have a Mile High burger with 8 patties ($30) and they have a wall of people who’ve accomplished this feat!!






Check out their menu here.

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