Dim sum is a weekend staple for a lot of Vancouverites – whether its the greasy goodness that satisfies your early morning appetite or the chance to catch up with friends, dim sum is a great experience.

One restaurant I frequent with some of my friends is Continental Seafood Restaurant located on No. 5 Road and Cambie. They have the traditional carts that go around and they have an enormous space. Having an enormous space means there is hardly ever a wait to be seated for your meal.

Most of their items are great and standard for most dim sum places. They have a beef ‘siu mai’ that’s basically a meatball in a wrapper. Great tasting and enormous. This is the first time I’ve seen this offered here.

Up next was scallop, shrimp and chive dumpling in rice wrapper. Pretty standard. And if you don’t get your fill of scallop from this, they also have a hau gau with scallop on the top.

The two staples: hau gau and siu mai. Definitely of the frozen variety, they were pretty average here.

Tripe! One of my dad’s favourite dim sum dishes. I’m less adventurous as I prefer the white tripe.

Radish Cake – pan fried so that it’s crispy on the surface and starchy in the middle, this has great flavour but I’ve had it better elsewhere.

Sesame balls with red bean – I’m so used to the ones from New Town that are gigantic and slightly soggy so this was a great treat. They’re smaller, more manageable, less greasy and more crispier. Yum!

We ordered about 13-14 dishes and it came to $65 total, so it wasn’t so bad of a meal – about the same price at most places.






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