My BCIT buddy for life, Liane has her internship close to where I am during the day so we often go for lunch.

This was on her to-do list and I was happy to join her for a burger. I’ve frequented the Fatburger located near the Chinatown/Stadium station when I was going to school in the area a couple years ago. I honestly didn’t think much of it when I was going there.

Today, we went safe and tried their Original fat burger ($5.99) and Liane ordered large fries for us to share. You can customize what goes into the burger, and I went for some jalapeños in mine (yep, I’m a glutton to pain).

After we ordered, we were given numbers and sat down. If you order pop, it’s unlimited here. But today I stuck with water. It was pretty busy during the lunch hour but justifiably so since there are so many businesses around the area.

Their burgers are juicy, with an excellent grilled taste and comes with all the toppings (mayo, mustard, relish, pickles, lettuce, etc). This is a pretty good burger for just $5.99!

Liane had cheese in her burger and it looked really great. My jalapeños were good but they weren’t so spicy. They added a great
crunch to the burger though!

They are very generous with their fries and at the table we had seasoning salt to give it a great flavour. I like that they give enormous caps of ketchup here because most places give a tiny amount in a little cup. More is always better!

I would definitely come back here for the original burger, sure there are other fast food places nearby but for the same price, at least you know you’re getting a quality burger here.






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