I’ve been spending a lot of time in Gastown, mostly because of work – so I’ve been exploring my lunch options around the area. Gastown obviously is in no short supply of fantastic spots for lunch. With Meat & Bread, La Taqueria, Nuba and numerous pubs that offer lunch time fare – it’s all a matter of proximity and craving.

This particular lunch was with two of my favourite people – Brian and Gary. We headed down to Lamplighter Public House. They have a $9.50 menu for lunch with six dishes to choose from. They also serve their full menu as well.

When we arrived, we sat wherever we wanted and our waitress came to bring us some water. We then ordered promptly because Gary had to get back to work.

After an unusual amount of time – I’m not quite sure why it took so long since there was maybe one or two tables before us, our food arrived.

I ordered the Portobello mushroom sandwich with fries ($9.50). The menu describes the sandwich as a “grilled marinated portobello mushroom, artichoke pesto, roasted red pepper, rocket, asiago on multigrain bread”. The sandwich is tasty, especially with the artichoke pesto but it wasn’t anything to rave about.

Brian ordered the Pub burger ($14) that’s served with pancetta, carmelized onion, cheddar, lettuce and a 1/2 pound steak patty. Looked good, and he said it was a decent burger.

Gary ordered something I had my eye on – the buttermilk chicken and waffle sandwich ($13). Served with lettuce, tomato and mayo on a waffle, when this came it looked the most appetizing out of all of our sandwiches. Gary enjoyed the sandwich. I was quite surprised that they had such big waffles and even bigger chunks of deep fried chicken. This is something I would probably want to try if I came back here.


If you’re serving lunch in a busy business district, would it not make sense to know that most people have a timed break and have to go back to the office? With just one or two groups of 2-3 people besides us, I thought our service would be a little faster.




Check out their menu here.

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