The cookbook is almost done! We’re putting the final touches and adjusting some little things and it will be good to go shortly.

I’ve had a lot of questions asked about how this is all gonna go down and so here is an update on them:

1. The Ebook will be available for purchase here on Gastrofork first week of April via PayPal. The Ebook is a more deluxe version of the cookbook, complete with coloured pages and photos.

2. Limited physical copies (100!) are available mid-April. I will post a form here for those wanting to save a copy for themselves! The physical copy has all the recipes in the ebook with some coloured photos of the delicious dishes!

3. Approximately within the next 6-8 weeks, it will be available through Amazon, iBooks and Blurb.

4. Half of the proceeds will be going to charity – I will donate it directly to the charity once we’ve reached at least $1000 (but hopefully it’ll be more!!)!  My dad and I have gone back and forth about which charity to donate the money to and have come to the decision that we will be donating to BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. The reason behind this decision is that my father and I both have worked in the medical field and we both hold a very dear place in our hearts for children living with illnesses.

Fundraising for BC Children’s Hospital Foundation is going towards building a new BC Children’s Hospital, the expansion of Child Health BC, the relocation of child development and rehabilitation services to the hospital from Sunny Hill. If you’ve ever stopped by Children’s Hospital, you can see that they are in desperate need of upgrading. To learn more about the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation you can visit their website here.

We encourage you to donate to this great cause.

5. I also encourage you to purchase the ebook from the site or a physical copy as more funds will go towards the cause and less to the affiliates I have to use when going through Amazon/iBooks. I want to see our money put to good use.

6. Fundraising efforts will take place between April to end of June 2012, I will extend it if the project continues to be successful. Otherwise I will present the amount raised to the BCCHF at the end of June.

If you have any other questions regarding the cookbook or our fundraising efforts, please do not hesitate to email me [ dee [at] ], leave me a comment below or tweet me.

Thanks so much for your continuing support and we cannot wait for our cookbook to go live!