The Qoola at Oakridge has finally opened – a curious location considering they’re near a gelato place and there’s a Yogen Fruz in the food court.

As with many Qoola’s the space is bright and clean. Qoola is a self serve frozen yogurt bar and they charge you by weight. At the very back of the store are the 8 flavours ranging from chocolate, blueberry acai, pistacho, vanilla and more. They have three different stations of toppings that consist of cut up fruit, chocolates, cereals, sauces, nuts, mochi, etc.

Their cups are fairly big so it’s easy to go crazy. I filled up my cup about 1/3 full with chocolate frozen yogurt and added some sliced almonds, mango pieces, tangerine, strawberries and some sprinkles for good measure. I was expecting to pay $5-6 but ended up paying $2.68! And I was fairly full after having it.

The chocolate frozen yogurt is tasty and there is a lot of selections for toppings. Between Qoola and Pinkberry, my love for frozen yogurt is definitely being fulfilled no matter which mall I’m in.


The staff is super friendly and helpful.




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