Liane and I decided to hit up this neighbourhood bubble tea place for lunch as our other options in the area were packed and we were short for time. We walked in and saw they have some lunch specials.

I ordered the Curry Chicken that comes with a drink ($6.49) – from inspecting previous reviews, I went with the watermelon slushy.

My curry dish was okay, perfect size for lunch and served with broccoli. Nothing incredibly special, yet nothing incredibly bad. It could use a little more coconut milk and maybe some sliced chili peppers to give it some kick.

The watermelon slushy was sweet and delicious. I love when places get the watermelon slushy right and this is probably the best place I’ve had it so far.

Liane went with the beef hot pot ($5.99). Average price for hot pot, there was some good stuff in it – beef, glass noodles, cabbage, bok choy and tofu. Not too bad, the broth was okay.

This place is barely busy and a bit of a small space so it’s an interesting place to have a conversation. The kitchen is at the front so we were literally watching the guy make our food. Kind of awkward.

I would probably come back here for the watermelon slushy during the summer months when I’m in the area.






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