I am very wary when it comes to restaurants in malls- especially Metrotown- because I find that they’re very generic, overpriced and not that great. I was however surprised with the quality and prices here at the Boss restaurant, located on the “older” side of the mall next to Zellers.

Their dinner specials are $7.95 and for $3 more you can add soup, toast and a drink. This is fairly average price for places like these. Their dinner specials menu is typical of many Chinese cafes from baked chicken to pan fried noodles and so on.

Today I ordered the soup with choice of Chinese clear soup (pretty much pork broth with boiled vegetables) or mushroom soup. I ordered the mushroom soup. I was expecting the “from the can” variety of creamy mushroom soup but was surprised at the soup served. It had fantastic texture from the ground up mushrooms and was just creamy enough to be very enjoyable. This also comes with either a dinner bun or toast and I went for toast (forgot to take a picture though!).

I also ordered the coffee-tea milk mix (dong yin yeung?! When I pronounce it, it sounds funny). It’s strong and made with carnation milk. A good buzz but it isn’t like Vietnamese coffee!

Liane, my dining partner ordered fish with cream sauce and spaghetti. Look at this monstrosity of a dish!

I ordered yee-mein, in hopes it would be similar to the delicious version served up at Flo Tea Room. It was a big portion but lacked
vegetables- it had some bean sprouts and onions but that was about it. The flavour was alright though.

With T&T located just below, it must be tough for this restaurant to get business but at least here you can sit down and actually have a quieter meal. They also have breakfast and lunch specials that are about the same price as their dinner specials.


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