Gamers! We all know a certain Blizzard game has touched down and a lot of time will be devoted to levelling up. It may not be like running a marathon but you may be sitting in front of your computer for a long length of time – which means you’ve got to keep hydrated and fed. And unfortunately, there are no super sweet desk setups where this may be possible! So I’m rounding up my 5 Foods to Eat While Gaming so that you can have healthy snacks and not stray too far from your game.

1) Coconut Water

(Photo from Core Performance)

If there are such things as ‘miracle’ foods, this would be my pick. Not only does it contain 2x-3x more electrolytes than energy drinks, it keeps you hydrated and has a sweet flavour that can substitute for pop. In some third world countries, coconut water is used for transfusions!

2) Popcorn

(Photo from EMA)

Popcorn can be a good snack if you cut out the butter and salt. But no fear, if you get plain popcorn there is plenty of ways to spice it up. Use salt and seasoning but not too much of it! My favourite is sprinkling wasabi powder in the bag and shaking it up. Yum.

3) Peanut Butter Cookies

(Photo from Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe Now)

You may be too involved to step off and make a peanut butter sandwich – so make these super super easy peanut butter cookies in advance (you only need sugar, peanut butter and 1 egg). Peanut Butter, although higher in calories curbs hunger and keeps you fuller for longer. Nosh on a couple of these and you should be set for a couple hours!

4) Kettle Potato Chips and Alternatives

(Photo from Nearof)

Of course, chips are not exactly the healthiest option but sometimes its the easiest to reach and simplest go to. If you’re craving chips, I recommend kettle made chips (as the way they are prepared is the most ‘healthiest’). Hardbite Potato Chips are pretty delicious, natural and made locally. You can also try making your own chips at home or having sweet yam or taro chips!

5) Frozen Grapes

(Photo from Stylish Cuisine)

If you’ve ever ventured to places like Kingyo or Suika – you’ll know this is the last part of your meal. Frozen Grapes are perfect for your sweet tooth and give a great crunch when you eat them. Rinse, dry, put on a cookie shoot and freeze. Transfer into a ziplock bag or airtight container and pop them back into the freezer if you’re not eating them right away.

Do you have any other healthy snacks you like to nosh on while gaming?



Happy gaming!