As I proclaimed that in the month of May that I would go meatless, you can imagine the looks on people’s faces asking, “Why??” incredulously. Not only that, it seemed that my bid to eat healthier during the month made me a very unpopular dining friend!

However, Ange of FoodPunk stepped up to the plate (teehee, bad foodie pun) and wanted to have lunch with me! You heard right -Ange, hater of vegetables came to have lunch with me at Foundation. I could think of worser things than eating vegetarian – but Foundation is an amazing choice as their food is pretty delicious.

We arrived on a sunday afternoon right when they opened. My previous encounter at Foundation was a pleasant and delicious one. This time around was lunch so the menu is limited to mostly salads and sandwiches.

After placing our order, we chatted away and within reasonable time, our food came.

I ordered the Molton Tofu ($8.50 – described on the menu as “brown and spicy brockly and tofu served on rice). This dish was massive, it could be easily served for two people.

I didn’t find the dish spicy at all, it was more sweet and hearty with the sweet bean sauce on top. They are immensely generous as most of the dish was firm tofu and large pieces of well seasoned broccoli. The rice underneath is long grain but I’m sure by the time you get down to the rice, you’ll be too full to eat it!

Angela ordered the BLT-ish ($8.50 – described as “veg bacon, spinach, toms, sheeps cheese, guacamole baked on sour dough, mixed greens”. We asked the waitress what the ‘veg bacon’ was made of and she said mostly gluten. Angela seemed to enjoy it – albeit the bacon being salty. But you can read more on her take of the restaurant on FoodPunk.

I noticed the menu prices have gone up a little bit, but not enough to make it unaffordable. They don’t serve nachos during lunch (much to our disappointment) so we’ll have to come back again soon!






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