It seems to me the best way to experience another culture’s delicious food is to either a) invite someone of that culture out for dinner or b) ask their opinion on what they think is the best place to go for an authentic experience. Since my list of Korean friends have been dwindling (since they’re going away on trips and all!) – I settled for option b, a recommendation. And I got Potter’s Garden.

Potter’s Garden is located on Kingsway in good old Burnaby. It’s situated between a zumba studio, a karaoke joint and a Denny’s. Odd yet interesting. When I walked in with Liane we were surrounded by asians – both Chinese and…Korean! I think we scored the big time here.

As with any Korean restaurant you go to they serve up ‘appetizers’ to go alongside your meal here it was bean sprouts, sweet potato, spinach and kimchi. Did I ever mention that I have a secret obsession with kimchi? If a restaurant has kimchi, you know damn well I’m going to be ordering it! Anyway, I have to say that the kimchi here has been THE BEST kimchi I’ve ever experienced in Vancouver. Hands down. It was definitely not of the ‘canned’ variety, as the pieces were huge, fresh and still tasty.

We ordered the Seafood Pancake (Haemul Pajeon – Medium is $9.95). The serving is massive and there is seafood julienned within the pancake. There are some bean sprouts and green onion as well, but I felt it was mostly batter.

We also ordered a Hot Pot with bulgogi and octopus (Bullak Jeongol – Medium $24.95). Now before we jump to conclusions like “OMG that’s so expensive!” – let me tell you that a medium can serve 4-5 people. There was only us two but we were both starving – we couldn’t finish it all.

This was the highlight of our meal, mostly because we were bug-eyed when it came but also because the broth is so hearty and the pan is chock full of noodles, onions, mushrooms, carrots, rice balls and of course the bulgogi and octopus. I would definitely recommend getting one of these bad boys and sharing with friends.

This is definitely my go-to Korean restaurant and I encourage you to try it if you’re ever in the Metrotown area!


The only thing spotty here is the service, but all in all not so bad.




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