Hello everyone! Every Friday of the summer I will be profiling a food blogger of the week on Gastrofork! I get to write a lot about food and recipes, but I’d like to take a step back and focus on this wonderful community we have. All these featured food bloggers I highly respect and admire and hopefully you’ll get to know them a little better and check out their blogs!

To kick off this new series is Ange Leung, better known as FoodPunk! I just met Ange in the recent months and it’s been such a pleasure to get to know her and dine with her! She is a bottomless pit when it comes to eating and is hilariously entertaining.


Name: Ange Leung

Blog: http://foodpunk.ca/

Specializes In: Food and Culture, Travel and Food history

Her Most Recent Discovery: The butter chicken pizza at Danny’s Market in Richmond. I went in there for Screamers and came out with a lime Screamer and the tastiest slice of pizza in hand.

Her One Thing She Will Never Eat: Surprisingly nothing. I’m always up for a food adventure!

Why Did You Get Into Food Blogging? If there is one thing I have had a constant love affair with, it’s food. I love to eat, cook and write about both. I got into food blogging because I wanted to share the cultural and historical stories behind the food we eat. I grew up in a traditional Chinese family and we celebrate all our holidays with lots of food and family. I also think food is a wonderful way to connect people, create communities and share stories. I have met so many incredible people- bloggers, cooks and restaurateurs through food blogging. Everyone can relate to food because everyone eats!

What Do You Want To Try Next?: The fleet of food carts in Portland.

If you could switch places with one foodie who would it be and what would you do?: David Rocco, the food travel chef. I’d travel all over the world, hopping from one food adventure to the next, photographing and writing the whole way along.

Where are Your Top 5 Places Under $10?:

1.) New Town Bakery

2.) Re-Up food cart

3.) Meat and Bread

4.) La Brasserie Street food cart

5.) Uncle Fatih’s


Don’t forget to check out FoodPunk.ca for all of Ange’s latest adventures!