Max’s Burgers is tucked away but located directly across the Whole Foods Market on Cambie street near Broadway. What was once Max’s deli has focused more so on burgers. But fear not, they still have their deli/cafe on Oak and 17th street (which you should go check out, it’s pretty nice!).

Vancouver sure loves its trends. This year seems to be the year of the burger (with year of the Neapolitan pizza as a very close second). Thankfully for us, this means more options of where to eat and a variety of burgers to choose from.

Max’s Burgers is an open space restaurant that has a relaxed and casual atmosphere. There is no particular ‘kind’ of person that comes here which makes it easy for anyone to visit here. This dinner was to celebrate my sister’s birthday so we brought the family, including my aunt from Toronto.

Unfortunately for Nat, she wasn’t feeling so well as she was getting over a bout of food poisoning from her recent trip to Toronto. But she was a trooper and managed to eat a little bit during dinner.

I ordered a root beer by Pop Shoppe ($3), I’m a sucker for glass bottles and the last time I had this was at the Triple O Truck event.

My sister ordered a chocolate milkshake ($5) – they have a salted caramel flavour here too. Interesting. Her milkshake was served straight up in that metal container they blend the milkshake in and decorated with whip, chocolate sauce and a maraschino cherry. I had a little bit and it was very delicious, not too chocolatey sweet but thick and creamy.

My parents and aunt all ordered the Big Max Burger ($10) which is described on their menu as, “5oz. of Max’s specially seasoned secret recipe of fresh, never-frozen griddled Alberta chuck on our house-baked bricohe bun. Served with the ‘fixins’ shredded iceberg lettuce, vine ripened tomato, pickles, red onion and big Max sauce”.

You can get your burger with fries, fennel slaw or broccoli salad with no extra charge.

My sister ordered a basket of yam fries with chipotle mayo ($7.50) to go with her milkshake. The yam fries were cut thick and were still crispy on the outside and soft on the inside The chipotle mayo went well – my dad though, was not a fan of it! He had some choice words for what chipotle mayo tasted like (which I will not repeat! 😉 )

I ordered the Pushing Buttons Burger ($12.50) which consisted of “mushrooms, truffle mayo, swiss cheese, lettuce and tomato”. This burger is stacked and had an amazing flavour to it. The mushrooms were in no short supply and the swiss and truffle mayo complimented the flavour. The beef in this burger is very delicious, definitely made in-house. When I think of burgers, I want one that showcases the meat while the rest of the ingredients add to it’s tastiness. This definitely does the job.

The fries were decent, but I feel like they could’ve been better. I don’t recall whether there was seasoning on the table but throwing some seasoning on the fries might make this burger and fry combo unstoppable.






You can check out their website and menu here.

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