A long time ago, in a galaxy not too far away – my husband was still studying health inspection and came across this gem – The Noodle Box during his internship. I don’t frequent the Kits area as often as I’d like, but I can say since he took me there the first time, I might’ve been there maybe once or twice before gastrofork was created.

The space is long but spacious, with an open kitchen to watch the chefs do their thing. There is good seating but this place is always busy when I come. They also have a lot of different sauces, chillies and toppings at their topping bar, so make sure to check it out if you want to add stuff to the top (which I never do).

With a ridiculous amount of choices on their menu – there is definitely something for everyone here. That is, if you like Asian food. My favourite dish here is the Spicy Peanut Noodle Box – which I ordered again today (the price is approximately $13-15 depending on what protein you get, I always get the chicken which is $13).

The menu describes it as “Indonesian style peanut sauce, wok fried with peppers, asian greens, roasted peanuts, herbs, sprouts, coconut milk on ribbon noodles”. It also comes with your choice of chicken, pork, beef, tofu, prawns, a combination or even free range chicken. You may also substitute the noodles with rice (but try it with the noodles first). This dish is meant to be spicy but if you’re not into heat get it mild and it should do you fine. I love the noodles because they’re perfectly cooked, the peanuts give this bowl crunch and the coconut milk is not too overbearing – a perfect hint of it. The peanut sauce is also not heavy- they give you just the right amount without it soaking into a soup at the very end of your bowl. The items in the dish taste like quality pieces of chicken, broccoli and so on. I always enjoy this dish.

I absolutely LOVE spicy dishes but I feel that at the Noodle Box, I’m somewhere in between mild-medium and medium – but medium-hot is so ridiculously hot I can’t have more than a couple bites without wanting to die or have my tastebuds burst into flames. I made the mistake of ordering medium-hot (or maybe it was hot) I could only take one bite of it and I had to take it home and add more noodles and coconut milk to it to make it bearable. There’s a sign right at the till that explains the spiciness. Be warned!

Brian, who is not a spicy-loving kinda guy – and most definitely the ‘sane’ eater out of both of us, ordered the Noodle Box Chili Plum – which isnt spicy at all. It’s described as, “Hokkein noodles, wok fried with peppers, asian greens, sprouts and green onion tossed in our own sweet chili plum sauce”. He had it with beef ($10.75). I had a bit of his and it was very delicious and fragrant.

The portions are HUGE here, so come hungry. I think I can eat a lot but I haven’t been able to finish a bowl to myself yet! This is definitely one of my favourite spots in the city for fresh, fragrant and spicy food!






Check out Kits Menu and hours here.

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