Tokyo Thyme is a place that cannot be overlooked. Within the past couple months, it keeps popping up on my twitter feed, instagram and on Facebook. You would think a fancy place like this would be pretentious – but it is the complete opposite. The servers are welcoming and the space feels homely in a way where it almost seems like I’m coming for dinner at a friend’s home.

I recently dined here with the delightful Anita, also known as PetiteFoodie. We ordered three dishes that were stand out items.

We started off with the Red and White Tuna Stack ($12.50): red and white tuna, yamaimo avocado with sushi rice and seaweed on the side to make your own sushi! Fun!

I felt a bit bad having to wreck the beautifully stacked tuna tower, but there was no other way. The texture and taste of the tuna is incredible. I’m not a big fan of tuna but the freshness of this particular dish is outstanding. The avocado and quail egg (optional, by the way if you’re squeamish about raw egg) made the tuna buttery – with almost a salmon-like texture. It seemed a shame to put it in the equally delicious rice and seaweed.

We also ordered the Tuna Tataki ($10.50) which is seared tuna served with spicy ponzu sauce. This beautifully presented dish was also mouthwatering and delicious. I’m not going to try and hazard a guess, but the tuna was delicious and fatty, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was some sort of Toro. The ponzu sauce gave it a delightful bit of a tart taste to balance with the fish and the masago and shaved green onions give it a good crunch.

To round up the tuna trifecta, we ordered the Bloody Winter roll ($13.50). The top is wrapped with white tuna and masago and the inside contains spicy tuna, avocado and shiso (which I looked up – it’s a Japanese herb that belongs to the mint family). Another fantastic presentation and the hot sauce line really gave this roll it’s punch.

To finish off our meal, we had some mochi (I forgot how much it was), served with black berry, goose berry and Azuki caramel.

All in all, I really enjoyed this meal. I think the last time I had amazingly fresh sushi was back in Hawaii last year. The dedication put into every dish at Tokyo Thyme really makes them stand apart from the millions of sushi places in the city. I would definitely recommend trying this place out – it’s a little on the pricier side but absolutely worth every penny.

I’m almost tempted to give this place a 5 fork rating, but I’ll be back again shortly to reaffirm that decision! 😉


Definitely worth the price paid.



Check out their website, menu and hours here.

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