Much like poutine and toques, Beaver Tails are authentically Canadian. On a recent excursion to the North Shore with my cousin and her family from out of town led me to Lonsdale Quay, where these Beaver Tails can be bought.

Most ‘tails’ cost between $3- $6 depending on the toppings you get. Most toppings are sweet but there are savoury options as well (that are a little more). You can also make a combo with blended juice.

Today I tried the Hazelnut Chocolate ($4.46 , $5 even with tax). Watching them deepfry this baby was already making my mouth salivate in anticipation. After it was done in the deepfryer, they slathered a healthy portion of Hazelnut Chocolate spread (I’m very doubtful it’s Nutella, it isn’t as sweet as Nutella is) and some powdered sugar.

The beaver tail is essentially dough that’s deep fried. It’s a ‘light’ snack that is just a tad doughy on the inside but mostly crispy and crunchy on the surface. It’s about a foot in length and thin.

I sat there for a moment thinking, how am I gonna finish this monstrosity? But it was easily done. Definitely give it a try the next time you’re in Lonsdale Quay!




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