Our last evening in the Okanagan saw us venturing north to Penticton for dinner.

String lights on the patio.

We actually ended up in the casino/resort’s restaurant called Bufflehead Tapas Lounge.

Gorgeous! No instagram needed here! 😉

We sat outside and had a magnificent view of the lake. There was a live band playing near the docks and numerous boisterous bachelorette parties walking by. Our server came to bring us water and was helpful. She took our orders and scurried off.

After a reasonable amount of time our food arrived. I ordered the Eggplant Parmigiana, and to my surprise had three huge pieces of eggplant waiting for me alongside a big portion of creamy spaghetti. This dish was $13! You definitely dont expect this much food here in Vancouver for that price.

The eggplant was thickly cut and breaded lightly with a lot of cheese on the top. I really was surprised at the amount I was given. My spaghetti, while nothing to write home about was a big portion as well. It was creamy and garlicky, a great combination.

When it was time to settle up, we had a little bit of difficulty flagging down our waitress but other than that our experience was good.





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