During our trip to Okanagan Falls, we got to visit this great little coffee shop on the main boulevard in town. I might’ve mentioned before that Okanagan Falls is a sleepy little town and this is probably the only coffee shop up there.

Anyway, we entered the cafe and we were greeted warmly by the server. We joked briefly about the weather (being about 32 degrees) and this time, I opted for a blended iced mocha.

Prices are reasonable, more or less comparable to here in Vancouver. In a matter of no time, my blended mocha was ready. She literally hopped off the bar and came over to hand it to me. Nice!

I was a little apprehensive at first looking at my cup- crushed ice on the top and the mocha on the bottom. But I shrugged it off and stirred it up.When I took a sip, I was delighted. The mocha was similar to the Cafe Artigiano style of mocha: not too much sweetness and a great strong espresso taste-exactly how I like it. I also appreciated the fact she didnt add whip cream to the top of my drink. I could’ve gone without the ice bits, but since it was ridiculously hot outside, I didnt mind it at all.

Dogtown Cafe has a fine assortment of different espresso drinks, iced drinks and teas. They also have sweets and pastries. This great little cafe is definitely worth the visit if you’re looking for your caffeine fix while checking out the wineries nearby!






Check out their website here.
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