Welcome back to another great edition of Foodie Fridays. Today I’m very lucky to feature Sean of Sean’s Adventures in Flavour Town! I’ve had the privilege of chatting with Sean once at the Famoso opening, but hopefully we’ll run into each other more often! Sean is a phenomenal food photographer, covering the beat of every new restaurant out there (seriously, just check out his blog!). Sean is completely immersed in food culture, more so than anyone I know. He contributes to multiple websites, is a Silver Spoon AND reports and writes for the official Eat St. blog on the Food Network – oh AND he’s the BC Regional Admin for Food Bloggers Of Canada! Sean, where do you find time for all these great gigs?! 😉

You’ve seen his amazing photography skills and read all about his adventures around town, now get to know him a little more!

Name: Sean Neild

Blog: Seans Adventures In Flavor Town

Specializes in: Street Food and restaurants that are affordable for anyone

Sean’s Most Recent Discovery: The gnocchi at Ensemble Tap and Ensemble Restaurant, 2 completely different dish preparations that equally amazed me.

One Thing He’ll Never Eat: One thing that I will never eat is Offal, I’m not a fan of the weird bits in animals.

Tell Us About Yourself: I got into food blogging because of my love of food and photography. For years I was “that guy” in my group of friends that would always be asked “whats good” in the city and “where should I go for an amazing burger”-I figured that it was time to start my own food blog to bring my food finds and food pictures to the rest of the world. Something that people don’t know about me is that I work equally hard at my day job and love helping bring technology into the world that helps people, my biggest thrill in my career so far has been being on the team that brought Kinect from Microsoft into the world and lending my expertise in testing and developing the voice recognition for the device.

What Do You Want To Try Next?: The one place I’m dying to try next is Smoke’s Poutinerie store front location on Robson street. After seeing them on Eat St on the Food Network I’m hooked!

What Would Your Last Meal on Earth Be?: My last meal would consist of a style of food that I hold dear to my heart since I was a little kid-Southern Comfort Food. The table would have to have the following items for sure: Chicken and Dumplings, Mac and Cheese, Collard and Mustard Greens, a bowl of Black Eyed Peas and a “shut your mouth” approved Peach Cobbler.

Sean’s Top 5 places to get fed for $10 and under are associated with Vancouver’s hottest food trend-Street Food!

1.Mangal Kiss Mideast BBQ
2.La Brasserie St
3.ReUp BBQ
5.The Roaming Dragon