During our stay at Okanagan Falls, we participated in the first annual Party in the Park. The recently formed OK Falls Winery Association’s bash to kick off summer. A lot of wineries were represented here under the big tent.

We were given tasting glasses and went to town (literally) on every single winery located in proximity of Ok Falls.

My favourite wines were the Sauvignon Blanc from Stag’s Hollow, Hatfield’s Fuse by Blasted Church and the Rose from Kraze Legz.  I cant say I’m much of a wine connoisseur, but I prefer my wines to be a good mix of dry but a little sweet and un-oaked. I also drink only white wine as I find red wine gives me headaches.

Dinner was provided during the event and quite a generous dinner. Pulled beef on a kaiser bun piled high. I added more bbq sauce to it because it looked a little dry. The salads were good and they had amazing Vegan chilli.