Sometimes I feel that Richmond on a whole is uncharted territory for reviews. I know that it could be intimidating or maybe, it could be the fact that there are so many places (and mostly subpar). I want to explore more of Richmond but I’m barely there, so I’ll have to change that in the next couple of months. Thoughts asides, much like Vancouver – Richmond can have its gems. And I found a gem in a food court – of all things, right?

The reason of trekking so far into Richmond was to pick up parts for Brian’s new computer (which would later prove very entertaining – watching him put it together). Aberdeen Centre is expanding and hopefully this expansion includes their (surprisingly) great food court. With different flavours from Japanese teppanyaki, formidable chicken wings, dessert crepes, beard papa’s and even a Vera’s – there is something for every taste here.

Teppan Kitchen came recommended by one of Brian’s friends Will. They have daily specials, which is $8 for a dish, a drink and miso soup. Today’s special was the ‘A’ Grade Rib Eye Beef Teppan Rice.

I’m a big fan of the experience of a restaurant as I’ve described before and this is definitely one of those ‘wow, that’s pretty cool’ moments. They make your dish fairly quickly because when it’s served to you, it’s still in the process of cooking. You get this hot skillet with your rice and meat still sizzling. The server puts a little paper ‘hat’ around the dish, I’m assuming to protect you from splash back of any oil. So we go to sit down and I let it sizzle for a little longer.

The miso soup is just ok but the size of the drink (and the variety that you can choose from) is generous.

After a couple of minutes, I mixed all the ingredients together and it’s ready to eat! The garlic butter soy sauce is fantastic, it gives an almost creamy texture to the dish. The beef is fresh and barely needs any sauce (especially if you mix it all together). Some of my rice at the bottom had become crispy giving it another layer of texture- which I enjoy but Brian did not. In any case, if you don’t want your rice to become quickly I guess all you gotta do is either eat fast or keep stirring!

Again, the portion is generous. I was really stuffed after eating this and my miso soup! I’d definitely come back to eat here again!






Check out their website and menu here.

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