Recently, I was trying to kill time before a meeting (2 hours to be exact) in Gastown and – surprise surprise, I had no interest in shopping or aimlessly walking about. I sat at the waterfront, near the Province building for about half an hour watching a cruise leave, watching seaplanes land and take off and the seabus come and go.

When was the last time I’ve been on a seabus? I couldn’t remember. I even wondered if I ever been on one before. One day, I should take it! And as more time went by, I thought…well, it couldn’t take too long to get to the other side and back? Why not today? So I got up and went down the platform to catch the seabus! What a beautiful view as I kissed Vancouver proper goodbye. In what seemed a matter of minutes, we were on the other side – North Vancouver. I got off, a little bewildered since I’m not usually the type to go to some place I’ve never been (without a little research before anyway).

Anyway, the seabus takes you to Lonsdale Quay. I took a brisk walk around the market and it reminded me of Granville Island. I’m sure there are more subtle differences, but it really mirrored it. As I decided I had not much else to see, I started heading back towards the seabus when I saw this super cute shop called “The Coffee Bun”.

The owner is very welcoming and greeted me right away. She also mentioned that fresh coffee buns had come out of the oven. Perfect! I got the original and a belgian waffle.

She gave me the coffee bun and said it would be a couple minutes to make the belgian waffle, so I sat down. I was the only person in the cafe, so I was secretly taking my pictures! They have several different toppings for the buns, mostly sweet but a couple savoury. I was curious about the ice cream bun, but I’ll have to try that next time I’m there.

The outside of the coffee bun is crispy – actually, its literally a layer of crispiness on top of a sweet bun. The sweet bun was not too sweet and not too buttery, which is good. The flavour of the coffee bun is not too overpowering and delicious. Definitely a different concept.

My Belgian waffle came and it was very cute looking too. I’m not sure if it was deliberate or not but there were chunks of sugar that I wasn’t too particularly fond of.

Other than that, I thought the coffee buns are super cute and different than most of the pastries we have here. Definitely check it out if you’re in North Van – apparently they have a Coquitlam location as well! There’s one in Henderson Mall in the Tri-Cities area as well, thanks Eric for the tip!







Check out their website here.

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