I recently received an invitation by Kevin and Billy from VANEATS.ca to try out the new #GuanaCombo from Guanaco Food Truck – and I was more than happy to oblige!

If you’ve never experienced Salvadorian cuisine before, this is probably the perfect opportunity to do so! For just $9, you get a 4 course meal and a drink!

I made my way over to Seymour and Robson, where their truck sits convieniently right outside of H-Mart. I came a little after 2pm, after their lunch rush as recommended by Jose, the owner of Guanaco.

Thank you for the delicious meal Luis & Noemy!

I was greeted warmly by Luis who I chatted with briefly about their time here (they moved to this particular location a couple months ago and business has definitely picked up). I also met Noemy, who made me my delicious meal.

While I was waiting, I was offered my drink. I asked Luis to choose most of the menu for me and he suggested the Tamarindo drink. I was a little curious to see what this Tamarindo drink would taste like – if it would taste like these great Filipino style tamarind candies – and guess what? It completely did. It was so delicious and refreshing. For days after my drink, I was craving more of it. I might have to go back and satisfy this craving!

The meal includes (starting from top left) Curtido (coleslaw), Pasteles, salsa, Pupusa and Yuca Frita.

Pasteles is a ‘deep fried maize pocket stuffed with beef (in this case), cheese and vegetables’. This amazing little pocket reminded me so much of the empanadas my parents made growing up except for the fact that it was gooey with cheese. The best. The Pasteles was crispy on the outside and so flavourful on the inside. I broke it open immediately even though it was piping hot!

A Pupusa is a thick handmade corn tortilla that has stuffing inside. I’m not entirely sure which one they made for me, but I’m going to go with Revueltas (seasoned pork, vegetables, cheese and savoury refried black beans). As simple as it looks, this Pupusa packs a punch. It is surprisingly filling and so delicious while it’s still hot.

On a completely different wave length, the word ‘Pupusa’ reminded me of this lil guy from Final Fantasy 8, Pupu:

More elixir please! If by elixir, he means more Tamarindo, then yes – more elixir please.

The meal also came with pickled slaw which had a great bite to it and was slightly spicy. This is perfect while you’re taking bites between the pupusa, pasteles and yuca fritas to not only cleanse your pallet, but also for a refreshing flavour kick.

Finally, the Yuca Frita – deep fried cassava root. What can I say about this? I saved this for last because it was absolutely marvelous. It was deep fried to perfection, being crispy on the outside and still soft on the inside. I love cassava (especially in cake form!) and I think I might have to steal this idea and make some fried cassava at home!

Like I mentioned before, this is a great deal and completely worth the $9 you spend on it. It’s definitely an amazing cuisine to try, especially with little Salvadorian cuisine available here in Vancouver!
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Promo I was invited by VANEATS Media to review this food truck.