Just this last week, I was invited to the Grand Opening at Memphis Blues BBQ on Robson. Their location is prime real estate since they’re so close to the Centre, the Library and Robson foot traffic.

The space inside is compact and narrow, the capacity is possibly 60 people (I’m guesstimating here).

We were treated to a feast of barbecued meats of all sorts including bbq chicken, sausage, side ribs, rib ends, beef brisket, pulled pork and of course what is a bbq without cornbread and coleslaw?

The barbecued chicken is locally sourced and free range when possible. It’s smoked in their pit, as is all their meats.

The Triple Smoked Pork Sausage was one of my favourites-they are smoked twice before they recieve them and once more in their pit. It’s amazingly flavourful and juicy.

Their Pork Side Ribs are fairly meaty and dry rubbed. Try these with the very peppery bbq sauce available at your table for an amazing kick in flavour.

Their Certified Angus Beef is large and juicy from the fat. They smoke the beef with their signature beef and lamb rub.

Their Pulled Pork is their signature dish. And I was even asking one of the owners whether they had changed their recipe because to be honest my last experience at a Memphis Blues was not up to standards. However here, the pulled pork is amazingly tender and full of flavour. She informed me that they slow roast the pork for 14 hours with their all purpose rub. Add their signature bbq sauce and this pulled pork is heavenly!!

Cornbread is always a must when going to a BBQ restaurant. Here it’s very dense and moist.

I also found a new hot sauce that is pretty good. Its very similar to the taste of the chili paste they give you at Churches chicken. You’ll have to be a fan of a lil heat to enjoy this sauce though. Amazing stuff.


ReviewI was not paid to write this post or expected to. I was invited to this event.

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