Just about a week ago, a big group of us went to Sip Resto Lounge for a friend’s bachelorette party! When we arrived the place was fairly empty but it was only about 6pm. After a while the place filled up fast.

Before I get into the food, I have to say that I’m very impressed with the service here. The manager came over to chat with us several times and even booking the place was easy.

They have a great special for birthdays (and apparently this special applies to bachelorette parties too?!)- the “firsts” of the celebrant is on the house. First appys, first shot, first drink, first entree. What a great deal.

Sip Resto Lounge is the sister restaurant of the Refinery, which is located upstairs. Sip’s menu is alcohol infused – purposely.

My friend and I ordered a couple dishes to share: Prawn Dumplings, West Coast Crab Mac and Cheese and the Sip Poutine.

The West Coast Crab Mac and Cheese ($7) was a fair portion – but mind you, this is supposed to be a side. They use the curly macaroni noodles which I find holds the flavour better. I loved the bite of the cheese in the dish and how there wasnt too much cheese to overpower the dish. There wasn’t much crab in the dish though.

I have to be honest for the next dish, I had to double and triple check the menu because I’m a little confused whether we ordered the Prawn Dumplings ($10) or the Spicy Tuna Wontons. My confusion comes from the fact that the dish was served with wonton wrappers and had a spicy sauce on top but I don’t recall any tuna in the middle. However, it sounds more like the Prawn Dumplings which are house made with Ginger Liqueur and Sweet & Spicy Mustard. I’m thinking these dumplings were deep fried which makes a lot more sense. The sauce on top really did the trick for this dish.

Finally the Sip Poutine ($10.50). Beer battered fries made the difference in this dish. It was not too starchy and the Guinness gravy was pretty good. The cheese is a little bit of a mystery to me as it says it’s made with cheese curds, but clearly is not. I appreciated it being melted completely but I felt like it needs the cheese curds to give it more authenticity (plus more cheese!).

Visit their website here.

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