When one thinks of a sushi restaurant along a skytrain line, most of the time, you don’t really think of quality. However that thought is COMPLETELY wrong when it comes to this particular sushi joint, located right at Holdom station in Burnaby. Sushimoto is my kind of place: it’s got delicious eats, fantastic decor and it’s quaint but bustling.

When we arrived, we were there about an hour and a bit before closing. They were still pretty busy but we didn’t have to wait for a seat. They have an ample patio outside as well.

We were brought some tea in these cute teacups, so kawaii, I had to take a photo.

With many figurines of different characters, an Ultraman mask and these puffer fishes all lined up like a bunch of ducks – this restaurant has great character. I was quite curious whether the puffer fish were real (although their googly eyes would say otherwise).

While we waited for our food, I notice they also offer beer/sake combos they pair with food. Very cool.

Brian and I ordered the Tuna and Salmon Sashimi which came served with very thinly sliced white onion on the salmon and a little bit of green onion with the tuna. Definitely give it a try with the onions on top of the fish, it gives it an interesting crunch and kick to the flavour. The sashimi was delicious, it was cool and fresh tasting.

Our next dish to arrive was their infamous Tuna Tataki. At first I thought it was a little pricey for what it was – until it arrived at our table This dish was a monstrosity! We decided to put a chopstick down for comparison sake on how much tuna they gave us. This lightly seared tuna tataki is remarkably delicious served in a ponzu sauce with fried garlic, green onion and salad underneath. The ponzu sauce counter balanced the meaty tuna steak with it’s tartness, add the sliced fried garlic on top and you’ve got not only a mixture of delicious flavour but a great texture.

The next dish was the Las Vegas roll which is a dynamite roll with seared spicy tuna on top, green onion, spicy mayo and spicy sauce. I loved this roll, it wasnt too spicy, but a great balance of spiciness, creaminess and a bit of the smokiness from the searing.

We ordered the Salmon Avocado roll as well, it was fairly good with a generous portion of avocado.

Brian also ordered us Coca Cola in a bottle since he doesn’t see it very often.

Afterwards, the chef sent over spring rolls on the house, which is courtesy dish they like making for their guests.

I really enjoyed my meal here, the food was fantastic, prices were decent and the service was good. They have great lunch specials as well, so be sure to check that out!






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