It seems like a yearly occurrence that I get to write about one of my favourite spots in the city – the Teahouse in Stanley Park. What is there not to love about this beautiful restaurant tucked away at Ferguson Point? Brian and I held our reception at the Teahouse and it was spectacular. Call us creatures of habit but we cannot stop going here for our anniversary. This year, we celebrated our second year anniversary together.

We arrived around 7pm with reservations and were greeted warmly. Brian requested that we sit in the Conservatory area (where our wedding reception took place) and we had an amazing view of the water.

Our waitress was very friendly and congratulated us on our anniversary, along with (I’m assuming) the manager who said that our dessert was on them! How nice!

After we finished ordering and our drinks came, an amuse bouche came our way! It was smoked salmon with cream cheese served atop cucumber slices and a sprinkle of capers. It was very refreshing!

I ordered a glass of L’Orangarie Rose (which by the way is amazing wine!) and Brian ordered a cocktail with watermelon and lychee.

We started off with the Teahouse Stuffed Mushrooms ($12). They’re hidden underneath all this arugula, but I promise they’re there! I couldn’t manage a picture of them because Brian and I were hungry and ate them up right away. The mushrooms are stuffed with crab and cream cheese. They were so delicious and a perfect way to start off our meal.

Brian and I ordered the same thing because it is just that great here. We ordered the Roasted Sablefish ($35). Made with miso marinade, this fish is so tender and almost buttery, you can cut it with a fork and it’s still so meaty and melts in your mouth. Underneath lay a bed of fingerling potatoes, broccolini, carrots and tomato.

We finished off our dinner with the White Chocolate Cheesecake. Decadent and served with fresh fruit.

I have to say that the service here is always top notch, its never pretentious and the food is always consistently fantastic. The view could boast millions of dollars as a price tag – and because of all these factors, I will never stop coming here.






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