Its not often you find a place that offers two items plus soup for $6.95. I was surprised when I was working out of the office a couple
days ago to find a nearby sushi place offering such a deal. I ordered the lunch special ($6.95), your choice of two items and you get miso soup.

I ordered the chicken teriyaki and spicy salmon roll. I’m not going to lie, this isnt gourmet sushi – it’s definitely a fast food type of sushi joint. If you go in knowing what to expect, then you’ll be fine.

My chicken teriyaki sat on a bed of veggies and bean sprouts and had some rice with it. The chicken portion was generous but a little on the dry side. They added a lot of teriyaki sauce so it was forgivable.

My second item was spicy salmon. I was taken aback when I bit into it and it was crunchy, but I’m assuming they added crunchy bits to it to liven it up. The sauce on top is sweet and a little spicy but was flavourful. I didnt have to add soy to it, but I did add a little
wasabi for a bit of a kick.

My miso was fine, nothing too fancy. It had pieces of seaweed and tofu, so that was a plus!

Service: n/a
Ambiance: n/a

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