I had a catch-up date with Lynnette and Caroline at Faubourg not too long ago, which also happened to be my first time there. They have a smaller back area for lunch and brunch but it was packed so we settled for the cafe area (which was also packed). The little details of this particular cafe is what enchants me about it – the floor is a map of Paris, the space is open, clean and all the delicious morsels are displayed.

I didn’t get to try the macarons this time around, but a friend bought some recently and they are amazing.

Today we ordered sandwiches, or more specifically “Le Parisien Baguette Sandwich” ($7.95). I ordered the chicken, which is served with roasted red peppers, caramelized onions on a bed of lettuce. They do not slice the bread until they serve the sandwich to you, which is good.

The sandwich itself was average and a little over priced. The bread, although being a baguette was a little too dry for my liking. I had mustard in the sandwich but it didn’t really improve the flavour unfortunately.

However, what I WILL gush about is their pain au chocolat – Chocolate Croissant. Holy heaven of buttery goodness! This is the reason I would come back, it was so fantastically sweet from the delicious chocolate and savoury as the croissant’s layers were pulled apart. I also ordered an Almond Croissant for Brian to go, and this was also amazing!

I have heard from others that Faubourg is better known for their pastries and macarons, so if you go in with that knowledge, then you’ll enjoy this beautiful little cafe in the heart of Kerrisdale.

Croissants, Pastries: 


It’s a little pricey here, but it’s Parisien and also in Kerrisdale.

Tres bien!


Check out their website here.

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