It was a dark and stormy night (and no, this is not going to be one of those kind of posts), and it was getting pretty late. Brian and I were trying to figure out what was still open and what we could eat. So we braved the rain and headed down to Commercial Drive. The Drive always boasts such diverse cuisine, so we spent a good couple minutes going down the Drive to see what was still open. Luckily for us, Havana was open (for about another hour)!

We were seated inside and were literally the only people in the restaurant (most people were out on the covered patio). What I love about Havana is the feeling of being in Cuba with the look and feel of the restaurant. There are scribes all over the walls and I’m pretty sure somewhere is my initials and my trademark, alongside a couple of my high school friends.

We usually come here for brunch, so it was interesting to see what they offered for dinner. I hate being ‘that person’ who comes in last minute when you’re trying to close, but they were pretty nice to us and so we decided to make a decision quick.

Brian ordered the Latin Burger ($18) which is described as a grilled 6oz beef patty, grilled turkey sausage, bacon, Swiss, lettuce, tomato, spicy mayo and avocado guacamole. It was served with fries. Brian enjoyed his burger and I enjoyed the fries (hah!) it was very crispy, hot and peppered!

I ordered the Ropa Veija ($18) which is braised, tender beef in cuban rice, fresh veggies and beef jus. Oh my God, this dish is so flavourful. The portion was massive and I had to split some of it with Brian – its deceptively filling. The beef is so tender and juicy and the sauce (which is just the beef jus) is almost buttery and filling on its own. I’d definitely come back for this dish.






Check out their website and menu here.

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