Last week, I was invited to check out the newly opened “The Baker & The Chef”, located on Cambie and Hastings, directly across Revolver.


The cafe offers fresh bread baked daily, sandwiches, soups, salads, desserts, pastries and juices to name a few. The space is wide and short, with a long narrow table down the middle to sit at.

All their sandwiches have names paying tribute to Vancouver (Seymour, Capilano, Cypress, Abbott, for example).

We were greeted with refreshing lemonade and champagne. Both were amazing and delicious, especially since this particular day was hotter than most September days.

There were samples of the different sandwiches like the Cypress, Capilano, Whistler and Seymour. I’m not exactly sure what this normal sliced bread one was, but it was delicious, savoury and not dry at all (which is important for me in a sandwich). Each sandwich had different ingredients but I definitely loved the taste of the freshly made foccacia bread.

We had a couple salads to try, one was a bean salad with kidney beans, long beans, chick peas and sliced red onion. The other was Tabouleh salad – very refreshing.


We also had a taste of their chocolate and carrot cake. The Carrot Cake was AMAZING. It was moist, dense and the icing on top was decadent.


They brought out some clam chowder and beef onion soup to try as well.

It’s great that there’s another option for lunch here in Gastown – there are a lot of places but not something this diverse in one place. I’d definitely come back to pick up some bread, their lemonade and definitely their carrot cake. I’d also like to come back and try one of their sandwiches, so hopefully I’ll get to do that soon! I also think they’ll do really well since they’re open later (7pm) than most places in the area. For some amazing food photos from the event, check out Sean’s Adventures in Flavour Town!

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