Our guest home chef, Corrie specializes in Italian cuisine. Today she shares her very easy recipe of veal scalloppini, lightly breaded and baked in red sauce. She serves it with Fusilli in Red Sauce.

Veal Scalloppini:
Veal cutlets
Bread Crumbs
Salt & Pepper
Tomato Sauce

1. Lightly shake salt and pepper on each veal cutlet. Sprinkle bread crumbs to coat veal.
2. Fry in hot oil until cooked.
3. In a oven-safe pan, use 1-2 tablespoons of red sauce to coat the bottom of the pan. Add veal to the top.
4. Spread a little red sauce on the top of the veal.
5. Bake at 355F for 10-15 minutes.
6. Serve as is, with cheese or in a sandwich.

Fusilli with Red Sauce:
Tomato Sauce
Parmigiano Reggiano (for topping)
Olive Oil
Pepper Flakes (optional)

1. In a large pot, bring water  with salt to boil. Cook pasta until al dente 10-12 minutes.
2.  Empty the pot of water, add olive oil and pepper flakes. Stir.
3. Add the drained pasta back in and  mix well.
4. Add sauce and mix well.
5. Serve pasta with parmigiano reggiano on top.

Some tips from her:
1) Serve your pasta first, then the meat, then salad last.
2) Keep an eye on your pasta while boiling and always check whether it’s done (al dente).