Initially, you would think that being on Robson would raise a typically cheap cuisine’s prices out the roof. However, this is completely the opposite here at Viet Sub. I was in the middle of meals – I didn’t have lunch but it was not quite dinner time for a while, so I thought I’d get a Vietnamese sub (ie, banh mi).

I came in and they must’ve just finished their lunch rush because I was the only person in the small restaurant. I ordered a meatball sub and the guy at the counter took my order and offered me a seat and some water.

I sat for not too long, then my sub came. To my surprise, it was a vegetarian sub, made with crispy deep fried tofu. I didn’t really care that it was wrong because this sub was actually very delicious.

The tofu was crispy and tasty and all the fixings that make up a banh mi sandwich were present: pickled radish, cilantro, carrots, etc. For under $7, I would definitely come back here again if I was hungry and in the area!






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