I’m going to be honest and say I had no intention of visiting a lavender farm on my trip to Maui. Partly because I have the worst black thumb in the entire world and also because gardening makes me squeamish (bugs, dirt…not my thing). However, this doesn’t necessarily mean I dislike lavender – in fact, lavender keeps spiders and creepy crawlers away, among an extensive list of things it can naturally cure or prevent, so lavender is always good in my books. This also doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the farm, in fact it was a pleasant, clean and calming experience for the most part. Further more, I was pleasantly surprised that they offered food and beverages – right up my alley!

They have things from as common as herbal teas, dark chocolate, honey to more adventurous items including seasonings, scone mixes and flavoured coffee!

I tried two items today, their Lavender Shortbread Cookies and a Lavender Brownie.

The Lavender Shortbread Cookies ($9) come in a pack of 8. I shared with some of the people with us and they all gave me mixed reactions – some thought it was overpowering and some really enjoyed the taste. To me personally, I thought it was a good balance and not overpowering at all. The buttery taste is perfect with the lavender – this would go really well with a strong black tea or something just as flowery like Earl Grey.


The Lavender Brownie ($2.50) was a bit overwhelming. It was fudgey, soft and chocolately, but the lavender was definitely overpowering in this case. I think though if you’re a big fan of lavender, this might be something to check out. I could see this brownie also going very well with an iced coffee or tea and be refreshing on a hot day.

I think personally, I’m going to stick to the lovely smell of lavender in satchets and lotion – which they also sell at the farm! Admission into the farm is only $3 and they have a tour going every couple of hours if you want to check that out. I stuck to the store and went through all their delectables!

If you’ve got a fabulous green thumb or you’re a big fan of lavender, you’ll definitely enjoy this experience.  Check out their website here.