Aloha Gastroforkers, I’m back with some more Maui posts! This particular place I frequented twice – once with a little time off with my husband and again for Happy Hour with the rest of the wedding party.

The name of this place is Cheeseburger Island Style – they aren’t Maui specific as they have locations in Honolulu as well. This restaurant was located about a ten minute walk from where we were staying at the Wailea Grand Shops, which are the high end shops. It’s at the very back of the mall.

We were both thirsty, so we ordered some drinks – I ordered pop which came in the biggest pop glass I’ve ever seen (and with free refills, score!). It would be silly not to get a burger at a joint that has burger in it’s name so as we looked through the menu, I was looking for a burger to fill me up until dinner time. That’s when I came across this gem.

The Kobe Cheeseburger ($17.99). 100% Kobe Beef patty with your choice of three different cheeses and three different gourmet toppings, served on a sesame seed bun and seasoned fries. Note, that burgers here don’t usually come with fries – so you’ll have to order them as a side.

I had the Kobe Cheeseburger with jack cheese, bacon, mushrooms and jalapenos. Our server also asked how done I wanted my burger. I was so surprised that this was able to be done here! Of course, I asked for it medium rare. When my burger came, it was massive. It was ridiculously delicious, juicy and full of great toppings.

I cut open my burger to show you how stacked this is – note that the bun didn’t really hold up to the Kobe beef’s juices. Perhaps they might consider using a different bun for this burger. Other than that, yes it was a sloppy ordeal but one of the most amazing burgers I’ve had in a long time. The meat was so juicy, tender and full of flavour and the bacon, cheese and mushrooms really made it.

I have to also mention the fries, they were so deliciously crispy and seasoned – it reminded me of the same seasoning they use at Arby’s here in Canada. So good.

Brian had the California Cheeseburger ($11.99) which is the cheeseburger served with freshly grilled Hawaiian pineapple and California Avocado slices. He enjoyed his burger and when I asked him if it was comparable to Red Robins (of which he likes) – he said that it was much better than that.

Brian also ordered a Pina Colada ($8.50) and he thought it was delicious!

Our second time to Cheeseburger Island Style was with the rest of the wedding party, we were all super hungry and slightly crabby after an 8 hour drive on the road to Hana (where, we nearly got into several car accidents! Holy moly!).

We made it just in time for Happy Hour which was perfect for Brian and myself, since we were about to have dinner in two hours! So between 3-4pm, all items on the happy hour menu are $3 and between 4-5pm, they’re $4.

I ordered a Pina Colada and fully loaded Potato Skins. They were not kidding about these potato skins being fully loaded. They were stuffed with cheese, bacon and served with sour cream, salsa and lettuce on the side. It might not seem like much but it was quite a meal.

The Pina Colada was a little watered down from the first time we had it – but I figured as much with it being happy hour.

Brian ordered 2 baby burgers and fries, these were literally burger sliders and a handful of fries. Not bad though for $3.

We were egging the boys on to try the Cheeseburger Challenge ($29.99) which consists of 3 burger patties, cheese, thousand island, mayo, onions, kalua pork, fried egg, bacon, sauteed mushrooms, jalapenos, lettuce, tomato on a sesame seed bun. And if that wasn’t enough it’s surrounded by a huge pile of chili fries with onions. The meal includes soda, coffee or iced tea. If you can finish this monstrousity in 20 minutes, it’s freakin free! I love how the menu also notes that a Medic is Available on Request! Craaaazy!






Check out their menu here.

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