One of the best ways to experience Maui’s abundance is visiting the local Farmers Market. This one is on Kihei Road in, you guessed it, Kihei. It’s right on the corner with a bright green sign you can’t miss.

They have so many different fruits and vegetables – I picked up some guava, papaya, chayote, lansones, a pineapple, mangoes and was tempted to pick up more but we wouldn’t be in the condo for too long so I decided against it.

I chopped up the pineapple and threw the slices into the freezer as a healthier alternative to ice cream on our way down the road to Hana (which, was the most dangerous but entertaining drives I’ve been on – you’ll have to experience it for yourself, but make sure you’re a confident driver!). And the rest I made into a fruit salad. Chayote and Lansones is a little foreign for my condo mates,but I sure enjoyed them.

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